Service: Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Coolers, commonly known as "Swamp Coolers" are an important part of your kitchen ventilation system, but they are often overlooked.

Mr. Freeze provides expert repairs and maintenance for your swamp cooler. During your regularly scheduled cleaning and draining, our skilled technicians can identify any parts that may need replacing. They will also provide honest advice if a repair - or a replacement - is the best option for your business. If you need a new evaporative cooler, we can recommend a high-quality model - and provide expert installation - so you get the most out of your new unit.

Mr. Freeze specializes in swamp cooler repair, swamp cooler service and swamp cooler replacement. Our expert technicians can diagnose problems with your kitchen exhaust fan and make up air. Give Mr. Freeze a call at (408) 225-5909 and set up an appointment.

Symptoms of a non-functioning or improperly functioning swamp cooler.

In your kitchen exhaust system, the job of a swamp cooler is to replace the hot air drawn out by your exhaust fan with fresh, cool air. If the volume of hot air leaving through the exhaust system is not equal to the amount of cool air entering the kitchen, you'll end up with a vacuum effect in your kitchen.

This vacuum effect can result in:

Best Case Scenario:

  • Uncomfortably high kitchen temperatures
  • Reduced air flow
  • Slamming doors

Worst Case Scenario:

  • Highly elevated temperatures
  • Poor effluent removal
  • A smokey kitchen

Mr. Freeze is your Swamp Cooler Service Specialist in San Jose, Santa Clara County, and the entire Bay Area

By investing in regular preventive maintenance, you can keep your swamp cooler working at peak efficiency, resulting in improved comfort and safety of your kitchen. The industry recommends having your swamp cooler serviced by a professional technician at least once every six months. Call Mr. Freeze to schedule an appointment.

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