Service: Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial AC Repair in Santa Clara County

Bay Area weather can be unpredictable any time of year - a warm day in the Santa Clara Valley can pop up in the dead of winter - so your business needs reliable Air Conditioning year round. Don't risk ruining sensitive equipment or your occupants' comfort. Productivity plummets when employees are sweltering, and repeat customers are few when indoor air temperatures become uncomfortable.

Potential AC Related Issues:

  • Furnishings can gather mold and mildew if your AC is not removing enough humidity.
  • Puts stress on other refrigeration equipment.
  • Temperature or moisture-sensitive equipment can malfunction or shut down if your HVAC system stops working.
Commercial A/C Repair in San Jose, CA Commercial A/C Service in San Jose, CA

Whether it is not cooling properly or has completely broken down, you can count on Mr. Freeze to get it working again.

Fast Commercial AC Repair Services

Whether you have a split system, packaged rooftop unit or a chiller, we can expertly service your commercial AC system. Same day service to your office, retail complex, restaurant or other facility is our goal. Our factory-trained technicians are equipped with all of the tools and experience needed to manage your air conditioning needs.

Often it's a small problem, but today's AC units can malfunction for numerous reasons.

Thermostat issues - Your thermostat is the nerve center of your Air Conditioning system. It might become faulty, or the sensors could be picking up on other problems like false heat signals from nearby appliances (coffee pots), high humidity, an electrical malfunction, or it might need reprogramming. Our experienced technicians can pinpoint the problem and perform the right commercial AC repair in the San Jose area.

Dirt and dust - If key parts of your AC system are dirty, it could also trigger a malfunction. The coils and filters especially need to be kept free of debris. We'll come out and clean them.

Refrigerant levels - Whether you are still using the old R-22 or the newer generation of coolants, we can recharge your system, check for leaks and test all repairs. You will have cool relief in no time!

Call Mr. Freeze for your commercial Air Conditioning service needs. You'll be glad you did

A Word from our Clients

Thanks for the fast service & on a Saturday. I can always count on you. Thank you very much.

Dennis Sanches
Owner of Q's place
San Jose, CA