Sales & Install: Reach-In Coolers & Reach-In Freezers

If you’re looking for a new reach-in freezer or a new reach-in cooler for your company, give Mr. Freeze a call. We've been installing and servicing reach-ins for restaurants, retail stores, schools, hotels, and other commercial properties in San Jose, Santa Clara County, and the entire Bay Area since 1992.

Commercial reach-in refrigerators and reach-in freezers are the backbone to any commercial kitchen or self-service retail area. There are a variety of styles to choose from, each offering separate features. The key is to find the right fit for your kitchen or self service area.

Common Features of Reach-In Coolers & Reach-In Freezers

Solid Door

Solid door refrigerators and freezers are great if you designed a well-organized kitchen. These units are often found along the cook line, and are commonly used to keep items easily at hand.

Consider the following when looking for a commercial solid door refrigerator or freezer:

Door Swing: Plan out the location for the refrigerator or freezer before shopping. Allow for how the door will swing open and choose a door configuration that won't interrupt the workflow. Many of models have convenient reversible-door features.

Door Length: By purchasing a solid door unit with a split door, you can reduce energy costs. The inside of the unit is not separated, so you can access items with a minimal amount door opening/closing, limiting energy usage.

Mounted Casters: Models with casters are ideal if you need them to be moved or repositioned for easy cleaning and servicing, or your space requirements are frequently adjusted. Purchase a model with wheel locks to help with stability during use and to prevent accidents.

Compressor Location: Top mounted compressors create a more efficient cooling process by generating heat above the freezer and away from the cold zone. Bottom mounted compressors raise the lower interior shelf, which can make the unit easier to load. Bottom mounted compressors are also easier to access for cleaning and servicing.

Glass Door

Glass door reach-in refrigerators and glass door reach-in freezers are great options for merchandising or visible storage near wait stations. They are more energy efficient for employees to see what is inside without opening the doors and letting cold air escape.

Consider what the following benefits could mean for your business:

Swinging and Sliding Doors: Sliding doors can ease congestion issues in tight spaces. Swinging doors can provide for a larger reach-in area.

Compressor Location: Consumer facing display units may benefit from a bottom mounted compressor as it raises the bottom shelf into a better line of sight. Top mounted compressors are the most energy efficient option, and will blow heat out above the shopping or service area.

Mixed Door

A combination half-door reach-in unit can be the best of both worlds. This style offers great organization combined with a clear view.

Use the same considerations for a full-solid or full-glass door:

  • Compressor Location
  • Door Swing
  • Mounted Casters
Energy Saving Tip:

Commercial kitchens need to account for every square inch of space. Make sure there is at least 2 to 3 inches of clearance on each side and on the back of the reach-in cooler or reach-in freezer. This assures proper air flow, keeping the refrigeration coils properly cooled while minimizing the load on the compressor.

Call Mr. Freeze when it's time to choose a reach-in commercial refrigerator or reach-in freezer for your business in San Jose, Santa Clara County, or the entire Bay Area. We'll install a unit that will benefit your kitchen's size, layout and inventory needs.

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