Sales & Install: Ice Machines

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Our factory training, and years of experience, ensures proper installation, equipment selection and health compliance on each Ice Machine installation. You can rely on Mr. Freeze to set you up for consistent, high quality ice production for your business.

Selecting the right type of ice is one of the most important considerations when choosing for a commercial ice machine. When selecting the type of ice you need in your commercial kitchen, consider it's most typical use. Different types of ice are designed for different situations. The type of ice used in some unique applications can also have an impact on profitability.

Using the right types of ice for the right situations also makes for the best customer experience. Ice is commonly used for drinking water, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Additionally, ice is used in salad bars, for displaying food items, or chilling bottled beer and wine. Schools, nursing homes, clinics and hospitals will also frequently use ice to treat injuries.

We specialize in the sale and service of:

  • Commercial ice makers
  • Cube ice machines
  • Nugget ice machines
  • Shaved ice machines
  • Half dice ice machines
  • Flaked ice machines

Here are some additional questions to consider when looking at a new ice machine:

  • Batch model or continuous operation?
  • How important is energy efficiency?
  • Type of condenser: Air-cooled, water-cooled, remote air-cooled?
  • Type and size of bins?
  • Do you need a water treatment system in your ice machine?
  • Sealed, sanitary storage (for hospitals, hotels, and restaurants) or not?
  • Do you prefer a self-cleaning unit?

Too many questions? Not sure what you need? Call Mr. Freeze!

Our experience in serving the hospitality and food service industries have given us a tremendous amount of insight into the selection and use of ice of all types. We can provide recommendations, or help you refine your criteria for selecting the right ice machine for your unique needs.

A Word from our Clients

I've been doing business with Mr Freeze (Robby) for about 15 years and I will recommend Robby as being one of the most honest technicians I have come across during my building maintenance career. His reliability and care about my needs make him a very trusted person and somebody I can count on when I run into HVAC troubles. Not only does he respond with urgency to my needs, but he is always looking for ways to solve my HVAC issues in the most cost effective way. Ralph and Brad (Mr Freeze Techs) are very knowledgeable and understanding of the urgent situations I sometimes put them through. Thank you Mr Freeze!!

Omar Osornio
Chief Engineer
Sheraton Hotel - San Jose, CA