Sales & Install: HVAC / Evaporative Cooler & Ventilation

Mr. Freeze sells and installs Evaporative Coolers (Swamp Coolers)

A properly sized swamp cooler is critical for proper kitchen ventilation. We'll size and install your preferred brand and model of swamp cooler, or we'll recommend a brand or model if we believe it is superior in longevity, efficiency or cost. We got you covered!

With kitchen ventilation, it's all about balance. Hot, greasy air leaving the kitchen through the exhaust hood must be replaced by an equal volume of cool, fresh air in order to keep your system working properly. A swamp cooler that is undersized or oversized can result in significant problems with your exhaust system, potentially leading to serious fire hazards.

Swamp Coolers are a Great Choice for the Bay Area

Evaporative coolers cost less to purchase and operate than refrigeration air conditioning - a properly sized swamp cooler costs from one-tenth to one-fourth as much to operate. Installation of an evaporative cooler/swamp cooler is typically less complicated, as there are no refrigerant lines to weld, or costly refrigerant needed. This makes them an excellent option for the dry climates we have here in San Jose, Santa Clara County, and the entire Bay Area.

Mr. Freeze sells and installs Kitchen Ventilation Units

An exhaust fan is critical to any commercial kitchen ventilation system. If yours is too noisy, old, and inefficient - or worse if it poses a potential fire hazard - then you should seriously consider replacing it. We carry only the best brands of commercial exhaust fans that are chosen for durability, are weatherproof, and are designed for easy access for maintenance. With our years of experience we have seen them all, and we know the best!

Mr. Freeze sells and installs HVAC Systems

Go with Mr Freeze and you will be assured of proper sizing and installation of your new air conditioning system. Is your A/C up to the job? Is it over-cooling or under-cooling? Is it an energy waster?

Brand new equipment only works as well as the entire system in which it was installed. As an example, roof top units, split systems, exhaust fans, and make-up air fans need to have properly sized ductwork to allow the areas they service to be evenly tempered and adequately vented. They need controls that are properly suited for the application, and need to be properly configured to provide performance without wasting energy.

Mr. Freeze is your one stop shop for handling all aspects of your system installation - from the equipment and ductwork, to the proper control systems.

A Word from our Clients

I've been doing business with Mr Freeze (Robby) for about 15 years and I will recommend Robby as being one of the most honest technicians I have come across during my building maintenance career. His reliability and care about my needs make him a very trusted person and somebody I can count on when I run into HVAC troubles. Not only does he respond with urgency to my needs, but he is always looking for ways to solve my HVAC issues in the most cost effective way. Ralph and Brad (Mr Freeze Techs) are very knowledgeable and understanding of the urgent situations I sometimes put them through. Thank you Mr Freeze!!

Omar Osornio
Chief Engineer
Sheraton Hotel - San Jose, CA