Cheating on HVAC/R Repairs is Easy

I recently got a call from a business owner who was told he needed a new compressor for his under counter coolers by two different HVAC/R firms. During our conversation about his system, he mentioned his evaporator was cold frozen, indicating he had good heat exchange. I’m thinking to myself, if he has proper heat exchange, the compressor must be OK. Something wasn’t adding up.

I went on the service call, and as I suspected, there was nothing wrong with the compressor, his system only needed a few adjustments. I adjusted the temperature on the thermostat, repositioned the sensor, and adjusted the timer. Problem solved, and I got a happy new customer!

I teach CR/HVAC, Commercial Refrigeration / Heating Ventilation and Air Condition at IBT (Institute for Business and Technology), a trade school in Santa Clara, and as I related the story to my students, they couldn’t believe the deceit of those other two companies. This was a very real example of how honesty is critical to developing trust with clients. Most customers don’t understand the inner workings of their commercial refrigeration systems, and lying to a customer to inflate the price of repairs is very easy to do. I was pleased to see my student’s had a more professional approach to customers than those two companies who tried to cheat.

Now, my students can see the tangible result that honesty not only got me the job, but they see how I built trust with my client so he won’t call anyone but me, because he knows I’m honest and do not cheat my customers.

The importance of programing your thermostat

Programmable Thermostats for Commercial Refrigeration in San Jose

Yesterday I was in a meeting with a potential new customer, a full size restaurant, with the possibility to manage all 7 Bay Area locations. The manager and I did a walk through, and I noticed that the thermostats were not set to the right time. He informed me that they are always on, so having them set to the correct time didn’t matter.

I explained to him that the reason the power company wants you to use digital programmable thermostats is so you can save money by setting the temperature to 85°F in cool mode and 60°F in heat mode when the building is unoccupied. The previous HVAC company had a maintenance contract, but they never adjusted the thermostat properly. How much money did my potential new customer lose because of the A/C units being on 24/7? With 7 locations certainly hundreds, and possibly thousands of dollars over the years.

I hope this gives you better understanding the importance of programing your thermostat properly so you can save money on the electrical and gas usage, and extend the life of your equipment.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and if you would like a complementary thermostat and equipment check-up.

The importance of ice machine maintenance

ice machine maintenance in San Jose

To help you avoid some costly mistakes that many of my customers have made, let's talk about ice machine maintenance - cleaning, sanitizing, maintaining and replacing the water filters - on a regular maintenance schedule.

Ice Machine Maintenance = Long Term Savings

A well-maintained ice machine will save you money over the long run, and will greatly extend the life of your machine. Proper maintenance insures clear, clean ice that will enhance any drink you serve to your valued customers.

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