Preventive Maintenance: Ice Machines

The first thing a customer may notice is the ICE in the cold water they receive - it should be clear and pretty. A clean ice machine and proper water flow means clean ice, faster ice production, and less likely for parts to fail.

With the hectic pace of a commercial kitchen, the maintenance of the ice machine can be forgotten. It's a piece of equipment that can be taken for granted until it fails. However, much like any other essential piece of commercial kitchen equipment, routine maintenance is important to ensure its reliability.

As part of routine ice machine maintenance, Mr. Freeze provides the following services:

  • Change water filters to remove sediment, odor and bad taste from the water.
  • Implement antimicrobial protection to reduce slime and mold growth.
  • Sanitize your machine with regular cleaning.
  • Clean condensers of lint and grease build-up.

Ice machines should be maintained and cleaned every other month. Mr. Freeze offers maintenance programs that are thorough and affordable. Contact us in San Jose today to schedule your routine ice machine maintenance and service.

The Importance of Maintenance: Ice is Defined as Food

Did you know that in every food code in the U.S., ice is defined as a “food”?

Water used to make the ice must be from a safe, clean source. Bagged ice manufacturing companies must follow proper manufacturing practices, packaging and storage procedures. If you make your own ice, your ice machine must be routinely maintained to ensure it is sanitary. Ice must also be transported, stored, dispensed, or handled with care to prevent contamination. Ice Machines that are not cleaned and sanitized regularly and thoroughly can cause the spread of germs like Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, Shigella, and the Norwalk virus.

Mr. Freeze's Maintenance Programs can be made to fit your specific needs, depending on the size and quantity of your units. For most businesses, two check-ups per year is adequate - if you routinely change your own filters. We offer more extensive programs for our customers with more demanding ice production needs.

We can tailor a program to fit your maintenance needs. At Mr. Freeze, we're known for Quality Service at a Great Price. Our loyal customers continuously spread the word about our quality and comprehensive service. Why not join them, and let us provide you with the same quality, worry-free maintenance for all your refrigeration, cooling and heating needs!

A Word from our Clients

I would like to recommend MR. Freeze Refrigeration for your consideration. I have done business with Mr. Freeze since 1994 when it was Luis Refrigeration. They have great troubleshooting skills and can be depended on to do a good job at a fair price. Please consider Mr. Freeze for your next residential or commercial repair or project.

Ken Winland
Building Maintenance Manager & Liaison to the Maintenance District
The Santa Clara Convention Center