Preventive Maintenance

Mr. Freeze can build a maintenance program specific to your business and HVAC/R equipment maintenance needs. While it's fairly routine to do things like keep an ice machine’s water system clean, or check the air conditioner filters - more involved, and less obvious tasks, like keeping the condensers clean in all your HVAC/R systems, can easily get delayed or be missed entirely. Normal wear and tear happens. Setting up a regular maintenance contract can add life to your HVAC/R systems and save you from costly replacement charges.

By maintaining your equipment, you'll save on energy bills, and you'll extend the life of your equipment. For example performing preventive maintenance insures proper air flow for your equipment. Proper air flow directly impacts your equipment's workload. Your systems will last longer and run less, also reducing energy costs as well.

One broken compressor cost as much as a yearly maintenance contract, if not more.


  • For your vehicles, you perform oil changes, radiator flushes, and other routine maintenance
  • You schedule dental appointments for cleaning and check ups

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From our Clients

I've been doing business with Mr Freeze (Robby) for about 15 years and I will recommend Robby as being one of the most honest technicians I have come across during my building maintenance career. His reliability and care about my needs make him a very trusted person and somebody I can count on when I run into HVAC troubles. Not only does he respond with urgency to my needs, but he is always looking for ways to solve my HVAC issues in the most cost effective way. Ralph and Brad (Mr Freeze Techs) are very knowledgeable and understanding of the urgent situations I sometimes put them through. Thank you Mr Freeze!!

Omar Osornio
Chief Engineer
Sheraton Hotel - San Jose, CA